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Appeals Policy

1. Purpose

This Appeals Policy aims to provide learners with a fair and transparent process for lodging an appeal against the outcome of their formative assessment. This policy outlines the requirements and procedures for submitting an appeal.

2. Eligibility for Appeal

Learners who have received their assessment results and feedback may lodge an appeal if dissatisfied with the outcome. The appeal must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the results.

3. Appeal Process

3.1. Complete the Formative Assessment Appeal Form

– Learners must complete the designated Formative Assessment Appeal Form, which can be obtained from the Compliance and Learning Center (CLC) administration.
– The form should include the learner’s details, the unit standard or qualification being appealed, and a clear and concise explanation of the grounds for the appeal.

3.2. Motivation for Appeal

– Learners are required to provide a well-structured and compelling motivation for their appeal.
– The motivation should clearly outline why the learner believes the assessment outcome to be incorrect or unfair, providing supporting evidence or documentation where necessary.

3.3. Submission of Appeal

– The completed Formative Assessment Appeal Form, along with any supporting documents, should be submitted to the CLC administration within the specified 30-day period.
– Late submissions may not be considered for review.

4. Review and Decision

4.1. Review by Assessment Review Panel

– The Formative Assessment Appeal will be reviewed by an Assessment Review Panel, composed of qualified assessors and relevant stakeholders.
– The panel will carefully assess the appeal, review the evidence provided, and consider the learner’s motivation.

4.2. Decision

– The Assessment Review Panel will make a decision based on a thorough review of the appeal.
– The decision of the Assessment Review Panel will be final and communicated to the learner in writing within a reasonable timeframe.

5. Outcome of Appeal

5.1. Upholding the Appeal

– If the appeal is successful, the necessary actions will be taken to rectify the assessment outcome, which may include reassessment or reevaluation of the learner’s work.
– The learner will be notified of the updated outcome, and any necessary adjustments will be made accordingly.

5.2. Dismissing the Appeal

– If the appeal is dismissed, the original assessment outcome will stand, and no further actions will be taken.
– The learner will be provided with a detailed explanation of the decision and the reasons behind it.

6. Confidentiality and Privacy

All appeals and related documents will be treated with strict confidentiality and handled in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Please note that the Appeals Policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated or amended as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.



Formative Assesment Appeal Form

AAM-D001 A This document aims to guide learners who wish to submit an appeal regarding Compliance and Learning Center (Pty) Ltd or the assessor's decisions related to their assignment results.

Assignment Unit Standard Applicable(Required)
Ground for appeal
Carefully consider and indicate the grounds on which you wish to appeal.
Please indicate the appropriate reason for your appeal.
Please give full details of the outcome that you desire from making this appeal.