CPD 24.01 Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector


All Classes of Business [2 Hours]

The Cybersecurity in the Financial Services Industry course is designed to be accessible and relevant to professionals across all areas of the financial sector, including various providers and Financial Planning Services (FPS). This comprehensive course is ideal for individuals working in banking, investment, insurance, and other financial services. It recognizes that cybersecurity is a critical concern for all types of financial businesses, big or small, and provides tailored content to address these needs.

Participants will learn about the wide range of cyber threats that target the financial industry and the best practices to defend against them. The course covers key topics like regulatory compliance, advanced cybersecurity technologies, and effective strategies for risk management. Through practical examples and case studies, attendees from any financial service background will gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect their operations and clients from cyber threats. This course is an essential resource for enhancing cybersecurity awareness and preparedness in the diverse landscape of financial services.


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All Classes of Business [12 Hours]