If you have attended a physical or virtual workshop you are entitled to online prep material to help you along even further

to access your study material and mock questions you need to sign in to our website using the email address you used to register for the workshop, all password has been set to 1234 ( don’t worry you can change that whenever you want )

How to log in ?

Step 1. Go to Virtualclc.co.za

Step 2. Click on ” My account”

Step 3. log in using your email and password > if you don’t remember your password please click on LOST PASSWORD and follow the on-screen prompts


How to access your material

Step 1. After successfully logging into your accout Click on “My Courses” also on the top of the page

Step 2. Scroll down and look for your RE Prep material and click on the picture

Step 3. Download the course material and work your way through the course


If at any point you are struggling feel free to use the “How can we help you?” tab located at the bottom right of your screen to ask for help