14 Vermooten Street

Brackenhurst Alberton

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Dedicated Support

Mo. to Fr.

08h30 to 16h00

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Please, read the following document below, and then proceed to fill in the form below. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours.


Payment Terms Document Link

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Qualifications Program

Qualifications Program Payment Terms

Personal Details

Semester Selection

Spring Semester: 28 Aug to 17 November 2023 (Semester Test Date: 17 November 2023) Summer Semester: 8 Jan 2024 to 28 Mar 2024 (Semester Test Date: 28 March 2024) Fall Semester: 1 April to 14 June 2024 (Semester Test Date: 14 June 2024) Winter Semester: 18 Jun to 30 August 2024 (Semester Test Date: 6 September 2024)
Semester Selections

Payment Terms

Please read the document and select a payment term.
Do you opt for a proctored exam

Do you opt for a proctored exam (online while being invigilated remotely)

Standard Fee: The standard fee includes the term exam taken at our offices in Alberton. Proctored Exam: If you opt for a proctored exam, an additional charge of R800 applies. You will need a webcam and reliable internet.
Proctoring Exam