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At Virtual CLC, we emphasise the importance of setting target dates for the completion of unit standards. Establishing clear goals and timelines is a fundamental aspect of effective learning and achieving success in your studies.

Setting target dates serves several important purposes. Firstly, it helps you stay organized and focused. By breaking down your learning into manageable tasks with specific deadlines, you create a structured approach that enhances your productivity and helps prevent procrastination. Target dates also provide a sense of urgency and motivation, as they create a clear timeframe for completing each unit standard.

Furthermore, setting target dates allows us to offer proactive support. If, at any point, you need to catch up or encounter challenges, we are here to assist you. Our team can provide additional guidance, resources or even help you reassess and set new target dates that better align with your current circumstances. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace and are committed to supporting you throughout your learning journey.

By setting target dates, you take ownership of your learning process and become an active participant in achieving your goals. It helps you maintain a consistent study routine, manage your time effectively, and monitor your progress along the way. Ultimately, reaching your set target dates not only demonstrates your commitment and discipline but also brings you closer to attaining the unit standards and advancing your professional development.

We encourage you to work with us in setting target dates for completing your unit standards and remain open to the support and assistance we offer.

Take the first step by completing the Unit Standard Target Date Form. This form allows you to set clear target dates for each unit standard, guiding you towards successful completion.



Qualification Module I Target Date Form

Complete the Unit Standard Target Date Form now and embark on a rewarding learning journey towards achieving your unit standards.

Target Date Unit Standard 117158
Investigate ways of managing financial risk in own life.
Target Date Unit Standard 117127
Describe and apply the basic principles of personal income tax.
Target Date Unit Standard 117156
Interpret basic financial statements.
Target Date Unit Standard 117132
Explain Basic Economics
Target Date Unit Standard 114960
Investigate the need to provide financially for own retirement
Target Date Unit Standard 117124
Administer basic asset-related transactions in a Retirement Fund
Target Date Unit Standard 14991
Apply the law of contract to insurance
Target Date Unit Standard 117141
Describe healthcare cover in South Africa
Target Date Unit Standard 14994
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of insurable risk
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