CPD Fiduciary Duties of the Key Individual and Compliance Officer 21_22


COB Category: All Classes of Business

Accreditation valid until: 31 July 2021

CPD Points allocated:  6.0 hours | points on completion and pass of assessment

FPI approval number: EVT-20220207-0037

Course overview: The course outlines the fiduciary duties of a key individual and compliance officer as determined by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act. The requirement for approval is also considered.

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Time allotted for course

The course consists of 3 topics with an assessment that needs to be completed. The time allotted for each aspect is as follows:

Topic number Title Word count Level Time allotted
Topic 1 Overview of the FAIS Act roleplayers 2 377 Entry 20 minutes
Topic 2 Key Individual: Responsibilities and requirements 5 585 Entry 50 minutes
Topic 3 Compliance Officer: Responsibilities and requirements 5 788 Entry 50 minutes
Assessment 30 minutes


    Total time 6


Assessment and certification

After completion of the workshop the learner must complete an electronic assessment on the learning management system.

  • Form of assessment: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of questions: 10 questions
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Competency mark: 60%

Upon obtaining a competency mark of 60% the learning will receive a certificate of completion. The learner will be afforded an opportunity to re-do the workshop should a competency mark not be attained.