CPD Fundamentals of Deposit Taking 21_22



COB Category: Short-and long-term deposits & Structured deposits

Accreditation valid until: 30 June 2022

CPD Points allocated: 6.0  hours | points on completion and pass of assessment

ISSA Approval number: EVT-20210621-0026

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Time allotted for course

The course consists of 2 topics with an assessment that needs to be completed. The time allotted for each aspect is as follows:

Topic number Title Word count Level Time allotted
Topic 1 Overview of the deposit taking industry 6599 Introductory 155 minutes
Topic 2 Regulatory framework 3147 Introductory 70 minutes
Topic 3 Concepts relating to deposit taking 4071 Introductory 90 minutes
Assessment 45 minutes


    Total time 6.0 hours


Assessment and certification

After completion of the workshop the learner must complete an electronic assessment on the learning management system.

  • Form of assessment: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of questions: 15 questions
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Competency mark: 60%


Upon obtaining a competency mark of 60% the learning will receive a certificate of completion. The learner will be afforded an opportunity to re-do the workshop should a competency mark not be attained.