CPD Evidencing Treating Customers Fairly 20_21


COB Category: All Classes of Business

Accreditation valid until: 31 May 2021

CPD Hours | Points allocated: 3.5 hours | points for successful completion and pass of online assessment

FPI approval number: FPI20050203

Course overview: Evidencing treating customers fairly is an on-line intermediate level workshop considering what is expected from product suppliers, financial services providers and intermediaries in terms of the six fairness outcomes outlined under the treating customers fairly regulatory initiative as well as on how to measure and evidence adherence to these outcomes.

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Time allotted for course

The course consists of 10 topics with an assessment that needs to be completed. The time allotted for each aspect is as follows:

Topic number Title Word count Level Time allotted
Topic 1 What is TCF? 1706 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 2 TCF regulatory framework 1283 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 3 Outcome 1 1250 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 4 Outcome 2 1119 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 5 Outcome 3 1464 Entry level 10 minutes
Topic 6 Outcome 4 1580 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 7 Outcome 5 721 Entry level 15 minutes
Topic 8 Outcome 6 1550 Entry level 10 minutes
Topic 9 Evidencing TCF 3193 Intermediate 30 minutes
Topic 10 TCF and the product life cycle 7000 Intermediate 40 minutes
Assessment 60 minutes


    Total time 3.5 hours


Assessment and certification

After completion of the workshop the learner must complete an electronic assessment on the learning management system.

  • Form of assessment: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of questions: 20 questions
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Competency mark: 60%

Upon obtaining a competency mark of 60% the learning will receive a certificate of completion. The learner will be afforded an opportunity to re-do the workshop should a competency mark not be attained.