6 Hour CPD Bundle


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It is the most economical to buy CPD bundle that allows you to choose your courses to complete the requisite CPD hours.

Due to the reduction in the required hours for the 2020_2021 cycle; the price of the bundles have been reduced to reflect this. Persons required to complete 6 hours per cycle, only need to complete 4.5 hours for the 2020_2021 CPD cycle.

If you buy a CPD bundle, credits are loaded onto your virtual wallet allowing you to buy courses of your choice to address your skills gaps according to your class of business.

The courses are completed in your own time online.

Our course list is updated regularly and we always maintain more than 30 courses covering all classes of business.

In short: No matter your class of business you operate in, we have enough course to ensure that you can complete the required hours.

Note that credits expired after each CPD cycle and cannot be transferred to the next CPD cycle.

How do I complete courses with a bundle?


If you buy a CPD bundle; credits will be loaded onto your virtual wallet. The virtual wallet is now used to buy the courses of your choice to provide you with the required CPD hours. Download the document on the information about how to buy a CPD course with your virtual wallet.