Professional Services

Apart from training initiatives, the Compliance and Learning Center also offers a wide range of other related services.

These compliance services are performed under the expert guidance of the CEO, Anna Bouhail. Anna Bouhail is a FAIS Approved compliance officer. However, it is her unique approach that sets us apart from the rest.

Anna beliefs that any compliance program must be strategically implemented to ensure compliance in a creative manner that promotes business goals instead of adding strain to business operations.

1.  Vacancy Postings

Fill vacant posts for representatives and key individuals quickly and easily.

We sent a vacancy post email on your behalf to our database of previous learners and placed the vacancy on our website and other social media.

The fee for a standard vacancy posting is R1 200.

We can also shortlist candidates for an additional cost.

Contact us for more information concerning the service offering.

2.  Licensing Facilitation Services

Ensure approval of your business as an FSP with minimal effort and stress.

Our knowledge and experience concerning the practical application of the FAIS Fit and Proper Requirements, ensured that all licensing applications facilitated by us had a positive outcome.

The fees for facilitating a licensing application starts from R4 400.

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3.  Compliance Officer

Choose a compliance officer that does understand not only the law but also business. Appoint Anna Bouhail as your compliance officer as her experience, and hands-on expertise ensures effective management of compliance and business risks.

The monthly fee starts from R1 620 per month. 

 The service includes the following: 

Monthly offsite compliance monitoring 

  • Submission of compliance reports 
  • 6-month internal report on compliance 
  • Providing continuous guidance to a key individual or compliance coordinators appointed 
  • Free CPD courses and Class of Business Training (online) 
  • Free annual POPI and FICA training (online) 
  • 25% discount on compliance workshops and qualifications offered by us 

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4.  Compliance Consultancy

CLC provides the following compliance consultancy services:

  • Compliance audits
  • Implementation of a Compliance Culture into the business; either holistically or geared towards a specific regulatory initiative 
  • Risk analysis of the current compliance structure
  • Development of Compliance Risk Management Plans
  • Assessment and advice on qualifications and skills
  • Construction and implementation of policy and procedure documents
  • Construction of appropriate monitoring regimes

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