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Financial transaction, including banking and insurance transactions, where no advise or intermediary service was performed as defined in the FAIS Act, falls within the ambit of the Consumer Protection Act.

Many FSPs also engage in the distribution of other goods as a feature of their business. In terms of the FAIS Act, an FSP must also adhere to any other laws that is applicable to their business operation. Therefore, an understanding of the Consumer Protection Act is vital for most FSPs.

The course contains some of the key aspects of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008, and the regulations issued in terms of this Act. The Act is intended to protect the vulnerable consumer and therefore, bestows rights on clients regarding the purchasing of everyday goods and services.

The course does not consider franchise and lease agreements as this will in general not be applicable to an FSP.

Course Accreditation

CPD Category: Online program

COB Category: All business categories

Accreditation valid until: 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2023

CPD Hours Allocated:  6.0 hours on completion and pass of assessment

Approval number: EVT-20220731-0007